B-Honey is pleased to announce the launch of its new online honey shop which offers a wide range of ecological honey products, including Wild Mountain Honey, Chestnuts Honey, Lavender and Colza Honey. The properly harvested honey, which is unheated, only comes from the best beekeepers who are carefully chosen to ensure the best honey supplies.

The “B” in B-Honey doesn’t just mean the humble Bumblebee, to whom we are all so thankful, but it also stands for Belgium and Brussels - Belgium-Honey, Brussels-Honey. Since B-Honey is headquartered in Brussels, the company is pleased to offer free delivery to the Brussels' European Quarter where the major European Institutions have their main offices (European Commission, European Parliament, Committee of Regions, European Consilium).

“Our motto is Be Happy, Be Smart, Be Active” said Claudia, the founder and director of B-Honey. “Honey is a precious gift from nature, high in minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and oligoelements. Our new online store is making this incredible natural food available all over Belgium. We have pioneered and promoted a new model that expats and Belgians are embracing: let the honey come to you. Our online store will especially help elderly people, young mothers, busy students and active office workers.”

As we boost our customers: " It's time to B! "