The B-SeenOnTop organic and local search engine marketing firm is situated on the Main Line of Philadelphia.  B-SeenOnTop distinguishes itself by being small, adaptable, responsive and motivated to satisfy its client and partner goals so we might ALL be successful.  

We specialize in organic and local SEO packages and services.  Organic SEO simply means that you are not paying a search engine to position your website high in the search engine results.  Instead, the positioning of your website depends upon how search engine ranking algorithms perceive your relevance and value for given keyword phrases.

Organic SEO takes longer to implement and costs less overall than paid advertising. Organic SEO has a more lasting effect than sponsored search results; sponsored search results disappear as soon as you stop paying for them.  Organic SEO and the results it delivers are sustained until someone leap-frogs you or the ranking algorithms change.  

These work practices distinguish us from our competition:

-  We work with you to set expectations and then we exceed them.
-  We start with an agreed plan you'll know what to expect when.
-  We provide competitive SEO rates.  
-  We offer more than one solution.  We offer price points within solutions.
-  We are reliable.  We do what we say, and say what we do.  
-  We are responsive.  You'll hear back from us within 24 hours.
-  We never employ taboo tactics to boost your website rankings.
-  We don't guarantee rankings.  No one can without deception or trickery.
-  We checkpoint your website before we begin and after.
-  You will see measured improvement over time.

Our clients generally originate from the Main Line of Philadelphia PA, but we have worked with companies across many industries, the United States and Canada.