About the Company
From Lincoln Center to Hollywood, Ballets with a Twist is reinventing the glamour and excitement of classic American entertainment with its acclaimed signature show, Cocktail Hour. Deemed “witty and fantastic” by The New York Times, this fresh floorshow-to-theater production blends charismatic choreography, original music, and exquisite costume design to launch the Mai Tai, Martini, Manhattan and more off the menu and onto the stage.

Artistic Director Marilyn Klaus, whose background ranges from vaudeville and show dancing to Isadora Duncan and classical ballet, has presented choreography to critical acclaim in the United States and Europe. The Huffington Post describes Klaus’s style as a distinctive mix of “Hollywood glitz and New York polish” that is “blasting the boundaries between high art and entertainment.”

Grammy-nominated company composer Stephen Gaboury has worked with pop/rock icon Cyndi Lauper for more than a decade. He also contributed as co-writer on selections in her hit Broadway musical, Kinky Boots, which earned thirteen Tony nominations and six wins (including Best Original Score and Best Musical) in 2013. Gaboury’s music has been heard in film, on television and in concert, and he has performed with many A-listers, including Patti Labelle, Suzanne Vega and Ute Lemper.

Costume designer Catherine Zehr honed her skills while working at major American fashion houses, then by designing and manufacturing attire for her own label. Her ingenious creations, praised as “subtle and alluring” by The Huffington Post, evoke the origins and essence of each spirit with vivid colors and embellishments.