Nvolve Limited are a software technology company. At the forefront of Innovative technologies, Nvolve are working on a range of bespoke software projects for their clients as well as bringing to market their own product range. Their latest product release PeachyPeople.com is testament to their innovative approach and ability to be at the edge of technology advances. PeachyPeople.com is a integrated set of tools that include performance management, Web 2.0 and real time collaboration technologies aimed at cutting cost and improving the performance of their clients.

Nvolve Limited are a young, dynamic and forward thinking business that are focused on growth through competitive advantage for both themselves and their clients. They are currently working on their own product range as well as numerous bespoke projects throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, UK and North America for their clients. Receiving numerous industry awards last year for entrepreneurship, innovation and export potential, Nvolve are fast becoming a global player in technology solutions sector.