The institute for graduate and post graduate studies plays a vital role in building a successful career. A premier institute for graduate (or undergraduate) and postgraduate courses provides a great platform to interact with the best faculty, top students and respectable employers. Such exposure helps students throughout their professional career. Indian and Multinational companies do give adequate importance to the candidate's institute during the selection process. Almost all top 10 institutes in various education disciplines conduct entance examinations for admissions. For example: Indian Institute of Management (Ahemdabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Lucknow, Indore, Kozhikode) jointly conducts Common Admission Test, CAT for admission to the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM). Approximately 2.8 lac students took this exam in 2008 for 1400 seats. This roughly means one candidate got admission into IIMs out of two hundred test takers. This implies that in the cut-throat competition for securing a seat in premier institutes a student needs to maximize its preparation for competitive examination by using all the available resources.

At TopCoaching.com we have experienced faculty who have aced most of the competitive examinations viz. IIT, AIIMS, CAT, GATE, GMAT and GRE.
TopCoaching.com faculty used its years of experience in teaching and research to create study material, practice questions and mock exams specificaly targetted for competitive entrance examinations. Students at TopCoaching.com can study concept builder lessons which gradually builds concepts from basic level to advance level. While studying TopCoaching.com concept builder lessons a student can ask doubts to highly experienced TopCoaching.com faculty. Students can also chat live with the TopCoaching.com faculty. After understanding fundamentals that goes behind difficult concepts, a student can attempt thousands of practice questions (developed specificaly for TopCoaching by TopCoaching faculty) to refine, correct and reinforce his/her understanding. To top students preparation TopCoaching.com provides full length mock exams which are designed and developed for specific exmas as per latest exam trends.

TopCoaching uses state-of-the art product and technology to enhance students learning. A student can interact with with other students who are also aspiring for the specific exam by joining exam centric groups. TopCoaching provides exam and subject specific discussion forums to facilitate healthy interaction among its students.

At TopCoaching.com we believe there is always scope of improvement and look forward to your suggestions so that we can maximize exam preparation of our students.