Babboe UK is an online retailer of cargo bikes.  Babboe cargo bikes are a fun, stylish and convenient way to transport young children around town in order to go shopping, carry out school runs or take a trip to the park.  With a Babboe there is no need to search crowded streets for a parking space or wait in a line of cars to pick up your children from school.  It makes life fast, easy and stress free.

Babboe cargo bikes are available in a non electric version, the Babboe Big and an electric (pedal assisted) version, the Babboe E-Power.   They have three wheels with a carrier box in the front and are capable of carrying up to 4 children or lots of shopping.  To add to the fun factor, the front box can be personalised with colourful designs ranging from the traditional gingham check and Holland’s blue delft style to cool zebra stripes and colourful poppy flowers.   You can also use your own photos to bring out your personal style.  

Check us out at www.babboe.co.uk

Why Babboe stands out over competition:

•     Safety tested for strength and durability by independent testing authority SGS Group – Earned Perfect Pass
•     No bespoke pricing, most extras are included in price – All Babboes have as standard 5 Gears with a super light first gear, Sturmey Archer Drum Brakes, 2 benches, 4 3-Point Seat Belts, 2 Child Steps, ART Approved Frame Lock, LED Lights, Reflective Pedals and Tires and a Carrier Box Cover.
•     5 year guarantee
•     Babboe, developed by parents for parents

The Babboe Big cargo bike can be purchased for £1,249 plus shipping and assembly and the Babboe E Power cargo bike can be purchased for £1,899 plus shipping and assembly.  (Shipping £39, Assembly £75)