Babes on the Run was started in 2007 as an antidote to all the 'women's programs' that were designed to make money and not get results.

Tired of women who had written themselves off because they couldn't get fit or lose weight with these programs, Justine Guest, Babes on the Run business owner, started the business as a place women could go to without any prior exercise experience and learn how to take charge of their own health and fitness, understand their capabilities and be trained in form and technique.  Empowering women with the knowledge and understanding of what to do, how hard to do it and how often changes their lives in the most positive of manners.  

For many clients, it's been while training with Babes on the Run they have  reached and maintained weight loss goals that seemed unattainable.  After training with us, exercise and training that seemed impossible is done with vigour and enthusiasm.  We also notice an overall improvement in self esteem.

The programs run include Personal Training, Babe Squad boot camp and pre and post natal programs for women only.   Babes on the Run have designed these programs to remove as many barriers to exercise as possible for women.  

Firstly, there's no men!  Women have different bodies, metabolism and needs so by removing the male element, we are left with concentrating on effective training techniques that suit women.  

Small group training also means clients can afford to come long term and helps create local support networks of like minded women while getting visible results.  Babes Pram-Fitness and our weekend Body Transformation series involves the whole family and helps make exercise a way of life for mums.

We welcome women from all walks of life, from any age or stage believing it's only your mind that puts up barriers.  We never write off a client because of age or injury!

By ensuring our clients emotional and physical needs are met, we are able to deliver a revolutionary series of programs that empower our female clientele.  We see life changing results and are tremendously proud of the programs we run.

For further information on any part of Babes on the Run, please feel free to contact us.