Baby Signs Australia is the original, trusted and only Baby Sign Language program offered in Australia which has been developed by childhood development experts Drs. Acredlo and Goodwyn.

Benefit from over 25 years of research - Our program has been proven to;

• Reduce frustration and builds trust
• Jumpstart intellectual development
• Promote positive emotional development
• Help babies learn to talk
• Allow babies to share their worlds
• Strengthen the parent/infant bond
• Boost babies’ self-confidence

Baby Signs ® was featured on “Meet the Focker’s”, Oprah, Discovery Health, Dateline, NBC and more...
Featured in news stories across the world, Baby Signs ® is recommended worldwide because it simple for baby to understand and easy for you to use.

This Baby Sign Language program uses a combination of "baby friendly" symbolic gestures and some universal signs as used in AUSLAN, ASL & BSL. More importantly, Baby Signs ® has been developed to enhance the natural and instinctive gestures that babies use, rather than complex signs

Baby Signs® exclusively provides dvd’s, products, classes & workshops which enables parents and caregivers to confidently use Baby Signs in their everyday routines.

• Full range of Baby Signs products including DVD’s, Books and the “Complete Starter Kit”