Backlinks Mastery Is A Low Cost, FIXED TERM Video Membership specifically
developed for New Starters or anybody who can't seem to get things moving.

  • We are geared towards helping people who do not have $1,000+ to spend on PPC or Ad campaigns, but are willing to follow simple steps and do the work to start bringing home some cash.

  • Backlinks Mastery is a Super Accelerated Learning Program - so you can start thinking and doing on your own as soon as possible.

  • No Hype, No Promotion environment where you will:

    • Learn REAL, hands on, Internet marketing from the ground up.

    • Look over our shoulder and see in real time a brand new website built the right way so you can easily duplicate the steps anytime you want. 

    • Build your confidence enough to KNOW exactly when other people are throwing you a pack of lies.

    • Build your confidence to quickly make your own informed choices.

    • A 12 Minute Article Marketing strategy which INCLUDES researching and writing an article that people are looking for.

Back Links Mastery | Anchor Text | EbookFrom: The Realistic Marketer
As a certificated Foreign Going Master in the Merchant Marine and former Chief Officer responsible for crew and apprentice training and safety, I know how important it is to deliver essential and workable information straight away

People don't have time to waste on meaningless filler material whose only purpose is to prolong membership payments.

Learn Fast. Think Independently.

I settled on the name Backlinks Mastery because if there is one undeniable fact about Internet Marketing, it is that using backlinks effectively HAS to make your online business successful.

There is no guesswork involved. This is no hype sales patter just for your benefit. It is a fact that professionals don't "guess" at what "might" happen with their business!

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