Formally established in 2018, Bad Bettie Project is a nonprofit based in Colorado serving millennial women. Originally called "Denver Sad Girls Club," the organization's community social-club component has been active in Colorado since March 2016. "The group," as it is often referred to, is a resource hub for leads on jobs, housing, medical and mental health care and much more. At its core, the organization's goal is to foster real friendships between women in Colorado and bring a positive impact on the community.

Bad Bettie Project hosts monthly events, pop-ups and meet ups and is also a hotbed for organic in-real-life interactions. The organization hosts over 1,400 active, vibrant women from different cultures and backgrounds to make a diverse and passionate community.

With a heavy focus on supporting local businesses, fellow non-profits and organizations -- Bad Bettie Project's events and fundraisers typically highlight other organizations for the purpose of serving our community financially and supporting our local economy. This direction has led the group to host several successful fundraising events including #WomanCrushWednesday, Wicked Revel and recently, Makin' Her-Story - A Galentine's Event. All of these events celebrated women, entrepreneurship and Colorado's local business market.

Bad Bettie Project was founded by Lauren Mims after being given the "Denver Sad Girls Club" organization in 2017. Once the company was dissolved, Mims established Bad Bettie Project as a 501(c)3 after realizing the mission of the community required accessibility to low-income women. That decision brought with it a new focus on personal development along with the founding mission: friendship. These changes led to Bad Bettie Project receiving an invite to the 2019 Facebook Communities Summit, an invite only event for 400 community and small business leaders.

Founder Lauren Mims moved to Denver in 2016 after working for one of the nation's largest agencies, FleishmanHillard. She took her degree in public relations from the University of Texas to a new job with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment. There, she would become social media manager for Outdoor Sportsman Group overseeing 20+ properties, assisting with large-scale event management and network branding. Now, Mims owns her own consulting company in conjunction with running Bad Bettie Project full time.