Badeslade LLC. is a United States management consulting firm that helps financial institutions and leaders understand, engage, personalize and grow high-value relationships with the Millennial generation.

Market and segment dynamics, customer needs and aspirations, channel and point of interaction performance, portfolio and product development, organizational capabilities and return on investment analysis are Badeslade’s areas of expertise.

Badeslade delivers personalized client briefings, business assessments, business cases, market, customer and social network evaluations, information management, forecasts, models and experiments as well as market intelligence studies to financial institutions through research and development, diagnostics, benchmarks and predictive analysis.

Badeslade Chief Executive Officer Timothy L. Sharko is the first published author to extensively investigate and write about how the emerging Millennial generation and innovative financial leaders will join forces and profit from the next generation of personal finance together.

His new book "OUR TURN TO LEAD: How the Future of Personal Finance Will be Shaped by the Millennials and the Financial Leaders Who Serve Them in New and Relevant Ways" is the outcome of over two years of research and analysis by Timothy and his team of multi-generational and cross-industry experts.