At Baidulinx we know our business, we know our market and we know our industry.

From the inception to the rollout of our product we have been at the forefront of this very new Internet sector. Our experience has provided us with the knowledge and ability to supply a range of products to our media partners and clients that help them achieve their marketing goals.

With a prescence in China, India, Philippines and in November 2010 Japan, we are constantly evolving to the demands of the industry, our clients, media partners and users.

Our experience in this industry has shown us that when we enter a new market, we need to make sure that all elements of research and analysis have been covered. It is simply not enough to establish that as a country, they would need a ‘Language’ specific search engine such as ours. We need to be sure that our product will be received well, has a definitive market advantage and that we have the partnerships required to make it a profitable business venture. Marketing, advertising and product placement is all an integral part of our business. A business we know very well and a business we will continue to expand.

We already have several new versions in development and release of these will be a strategic process.

For more information on our services or for details on becoming a media partner please contact info@baidulinx.com.