Bailies Coffee are award winning coffee roasters in the UK, founded in 1993 in response to growing demand for quality roasted coffee and ethical coffee amongst an increasingly knowledgeable consumer base in the UK and Ireland.  Starting as one of the leading coffee suppliers in Northern Ireland, Bailies Coffee has expanded its products and services to meet the growing needs of wholesale coffee customers. These include coffee shop supplies, coffee machine servicing and Barista training in the UK and Ireland.

Sourcing Coffee Beans

Bailies Coffee Company source Fair Trade coffee, Rainforest Alliance coffee and Organic coffee, developing good working relationships with ethical suppliers, who have a strong focus on sustainability for local farmers and growers. This helps Bailies to fulfil their aim for full traceability of their coffee beans to origin, farm and farmer, wherever possible.  Coffee beans are sourced from Africa, Asia and America to provide consumers and coffee trade customers with plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the perfect coffee with the right balance of sweetness, acidity, flavour and after taste.

Bailies African coffee beans include Mzuzu Malawi AAA, Kenya Peaberry, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Ethiopia Guji OCR. American coffee beans include Colombia Paraiso, El Salvador Finca Malacara, El Salvador Finca El Retiro and Guatemala Antigua, and Sumatra Blue Batak is a popular coffee from Asia.

Coffee Roasters UK

Once the right coffee beans are sourced, Bailies award winning coffee roasters in the UK transform the green beans into ground coffee.  During the roasting process, the coffee beans expand, change in colour, taste and smell.

Bailies blended espresso coffee beans range includes Fairtrade 100 % Arabica Espresso Beans, Puccini, Tiamo Espresso, Silvio Espresso, Sweet Wonders, Decaf Espresso, Fairtrade Espresso and Bailies Fairtrade House Blend.

Coffee Wholesale UK

The coffee wholesale industry forms a large part of Bailies Coffee’s customer base.  In addition to supplying high quality, ethically traded coffee products to the coffee wholesale trade in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Bailies Coffee also acts as a one-stop shop for coffee outlets by supplying everything from wholesale coffee cups, lids, coffee syrups, coffee filter papers, sugar sachets, sugar sticks, wooden stirrers and chocolate to machine cleaning products, jugs and tamps. Bailies also provide a free optional telephone support service to assist customers with stock-ordering.

Barista Training UK

Bailies Coffee Company believes that serving great coffee requires educated staff, passionate and proud about the coffee they are serving. Bailies are passionate about ensuring staff are trained to consistently serve the best cup of coffee possible. The company developed a unique barista training programme which is delivered by their in-house and on-site Barista Trainer who was the 2004 UK Barista Champion. Barista training is FREE for customers who open a wholesale account with Bailies Coffee.

Bailies barista training programme covers everything from how to roast coffee to pouring the final product. Our training sessions are designed to accomodate a maximum of four people and cover all the essential procedures and techniques required to be a barista. Setting grinders, understanding extraction, milk steaming, drink preparation, machine maintenance and cleaning are just some of the key areas covered by the course, all of which are designed to ensure a high performance standard is maintained by the newly skilled baristas when they return to their respective coffee stations.

The session culminates in a barista skills test, and each successful barista is awarded a certificate of completion. Our barista trainers can also train coffee shop managers on coffee preparation and equipment use, enabling them to pass on these barista skills to their current and future staff.

The Belfast based Coffee Company won 9 awards at the 2011 UK Great Taste Awards and is establishing a presence as a leading player in the coffee wholesale trade in the UK. The awards, organised by the Guild of Fine Food are the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink. UK producers enter their food in categories, judged by at least three different judging panels at three different venues. Successful products receive a 1 star (Bronze), 2 stars (Silver) or 3 star (Gold) rating.

Three of Bailies hand roasted espresso coffees were awarded the 2 star rating; the Guatemala Chimaltenango Bourbon coffee, Tiamo Espresso, an African coffee blend from Malawi bursting with floral aroma and hints of lavender and jasmine, and the elegant and refined Silvio Espresso, with dark chocolate and marzipan sweetness.

Three roasted coffees received one star; Colombian Somondoco, Costa Rican and Ethiopian Sidamo.  Bailies speciality tea ranges, Camomile Flower Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Fair Trade Loose Leaf Tea also received one star each.