Bain Wealth Management Group has been in Salem, Oregon for over three decades and is a family owned and operated hybrid Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). We offer a wide variety of individually tailored financial planning and wealth management services to clients from all walks of life. Everyone's situation and circumstances are unique, and as such our approach is flexible and can be personalized to meet each client's needs.


We believe that professional, objective and easy-to-access financial advice is something that everyone needs. Whether it's a financial second opinion or helping to develop and manage a lifelong plan, every client's financial plan and investment portfolio is tailored specifically to each client's unique situation.


Because we are truly independent as an RIA hybrid firm, we are not beholden to a large brokerage firm for our investment list or to a private bank for our fee structure. No one from "up above" dictates or restricts what strategies or investments we can employ to help our clients achieve their goals. Our allegiance lies with our clients, and no one else. This gives us maximum flexibility to help our clients in a high-touch, personalized way with a truly objective view of the market. We remain focused on the fact that we work solely for the benefit of our clients.


We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard, which means we commit to act in utmost good faith and perform in a manner believed to be in the best interest of our clients. As fiduciaries, we are obligated to put you - our client - first. We feel strongly that this sets us apart from other types of firms in the financial services industry. This is a legal standard that is more stringent than the "suitability" test given by banks and large brokerage firms. We never forget whose hard-earned money we are managing, and we always treat it with the highest level of care and consideration.


Central to our firm is the ability to provide our clients with "Fed Ex efficiency with Ritz Carlton service." This is our staff's M.O. - it's part of their D.N.A.! We strongly believe that world-class service separates great companies from good ones. This is why our clients enjoy having their requests completed promptly and thoroughly, their phone calls returned in a timely manner, and being lavished with special touches every opportunity we get. We confidently challenge you to find a firm that creates a better client experience!