I'm a civil/Infra/env engineer with nearly 11+years of employment experience as a design engineer, senior engineer and Design manager  . With my current and past design experience in Residential  town ship -infra structure,  municipal infrastructure, water facilities and wastewater facilities of private developers, utility diversion, landscape irrigations , pumping stations, rain water harvesting, storm water, foul sewer  and water network  within the engineering consultancy in india ,uk,libya and the Middle East.
1)  Master Planning, concept design, preliminary design   detail design for Water Supply and distribution ,Drainage (storm water)and Sanitation and Sewerage Development projects.                
2)  Water and Wastewater Treatment (Conventional and Advanced Processes ASP, Extended Aeration,SBR,MBR and MBBR,RO,UF), design    
3) Underground Sewerage Network  design
 4)  Sewage treatment and reuse (TSE water) of Domestic Sewage for Non-potable as well as for Indirect Potable Applications and package treatment plant    process selection  and design        

 5) Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse methods and design.
6) Storm water design  and rain water harvesting  for city net work and township projects and ware house(logistics) projects.
7) Storm water , water supply  and TSE design by  modeling .
8) water , waste water  and storm water design for township projects logistics and industrial projects.            
9) landscape Irrigation network design  for city network, township and warehouse projects.
10) utility corridor design  for road network
11) pumping stations  design for water, waste water and storm water for township ,commercial, industrial and municipal projects
12) Rain water harvesting planning and design(soak away and borehole soak away)
13)Roads master planning and fixing of site levels.
water supply
•     Water Distribution and Water Balance Studies
•     Water Pumping Stations
•     Water Transmission and cross country pipelines
•     R.O and U.F methods
•     Sewerage collection systems
•     Waste water Pumping Stations
•     Recycle and Reuse of waste water including Tertiary Treatment
•     Waste Water  Outfalls
•     Rehabilitation of sewers
storm water
•     Storm water collection systems
•     Storm Water Trunk Mains
•     Storm water Pumping Stations
•     Storm water treatment and disposal
•     Rain water harvesting and infiltration methods(soak away, French drains)
Treatment works
•     Water Treatment(WTP) and advanced methods
•     Waste water Treatment(WWTP/STP) and Advanced methods
•     Effluent treatment plants(ETP)
•     Corridor Design
•     Utility diversion works
•     landscape irrigation network design
•     irrigation pumping station design
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