The Original US balance bike maker . Founded in 2006 by Ed Mondello. an avid mountain biker who wanted his kids to learn to bike. .  Upon trying to teach his kids to bike Ed discover training wheels not to be effective, so he set out to build a learning bike. The kids took to it like fish to water, and the Glide Bike was born. (PV Glider). Since then Glide Bikes Inc is the only balance bikes company to receive a utility patent (# US 7,951,049) for a learning bike to teach kids balance. Glide Bikes also offers a full line of learning bike, push bikes for all ages from 18 months to adult with 3 models to choose from.  The Mini Glider from age 18 months to 5 the Go Glider from 5-10 and the Super Glider from 10- adult. Special needs kids and adults also utilize the gliders to learn balance and develop mobility. www.glidebikes.com and www.balancebikes.com have more details.