Designing and building user-friendly web applications is hard. And with HTML 5 evolving at a blistering pace, and the seemingly endless introduction of new web-enabled devices, things aren't getting any easier.

But sometimes, you just can't afford to fail. That's where we come in!

Balderdash is Austin's only realtime web and mobile studio with a unique distinction: a 100% success rate. Whether it's rehabilitating a legacy enterprise web application, consulting startups on front-end strategy, or implementing that core-to-your-business realtime app top to bottom, we're there for you. We build beautiful web and mobile experiences that come out right, every time.

Balderdash presents a new simpler, cleaner methodology for web and mobile development: failure is not an option. We've been using Node.js since the beginning, and we are firm believers in the potential of JavaScript as the lingua franca of tomorrow's internet. So much, in fact, that we built the first and only realtime MVC framework for Node; then open-sourced it.

Our team of JavaScript and usability specialists has years of industry expertise. We've learned the hard way about shortcuts that can save you weeks, or even months, Have an existing team? No problem. With side-by-side training, we can help your team continue to take advantage of the rapid development life cycle and performance benefits of Node.js, even after we're long gone.

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