Indonesia Export has been exporting furniture, decor, accessories & handicrafts out of Bali, Lombok and Java since 1995.

We're made up of 25 admininstrative staff, product sourcers, quality controllers and supervisors working hand-in-hand with over 200 manufacturers, carvers, weavers, painters, potters, ironworkers, jewellers and crafters.

There's also a British guy (that's me).

We're made up of two branches:

PT Indonesia Export is the original registered Indonesian company based in Bali and handles all the production, sourcing, new product development, quality control and logistics on the Indonesian side.

Indonesia Export Limited is the registered UK company based in Uxbridge. We handle UK sales, UK logistics and customer relations.

We are a wholesale only supplier -- we cannot help with retail enquiries.

We keep our minimum order requirements small, our communication friendly and our business honest and straight-forward.

Prices are up to date and online -- please fill out our Request Form for details.

If you any questions, you can email us at info@indonesiaexport.co.uk or call us direct at 020 3286 6629