Bali Road Map are a leading specialist in this field and we are committed to offering you the very best investment packages and yields.

If you would like to take the opportunity to invest in the rising demand for biofuel, we are able to help you through the whole process and we will continue to manage the service for you.

We offer a 3-way investment into land, forestry and renewable energy.

All these comodities have already proven to be excellent investment opportunities by themselves. We have gone a step further and are now offering them all within one unique investment opportunity. At the moment we are the ONLY company offering this unique combination of investments.

It is immportant to note that the Freehold investment means that the land is purchased and owned by you outright and is transferred into your name by a German Notary.

Call us today and start enjoying the following benefits:

- Tax free returns: Many tax benefits because the platations are in the European Economic area
- High Returns: Your projected returns are 15% per year compounded on Robinia investments
- Freehold title - a German frehold title is the same as in the UK
- EU Legislation
- Nearby location - you won't have to fly half way round the world to visit your plot
- Social Responsiblity - your plot with trees makes your household CO2 neutral
- Forestry insurance: Fire and storm insurance is available