Badung, Bali—Two Bali-based startups, Mailbird, an email client program for Windows and  Bedforest, an online booking service will host a meet-up at Bow Restaurant on Jalan Batu Belig, North Kuta on February 5, 2016. The meet-up is launched as a meet-n-greet for other Bali startups, and is planned to be a regular event.

It will focus on the startup community all across Bali (hence, the name). During the meetup, attendees will discuss about all aspects related to the startup ecosystem in Bali, including the things that they need to keep their startups moving forward within such an environment. “It is a great forum for anyone passionate about startups in Bali, be it coders, designers, growth hackers or founders, to come together to explore the ecosystem,” says Omri Ben Canaan, CEO of Bedforest.

The advent of digital nomadic lifestyle seems to have turned Bali into a startups haven orbiting around various co-working spaces. "There are so many different entrepreneurial pockets, co-working spaces and events happening in Bali but nothing that really pulls them together. We need something that focuses on collaboration and community building throughout the island, and Bali Startupers is where this begins.” says Andrea Loubier, Mailbird’s CEO and co-founder.

The hosts expect the meet-up to bring the entrepreneurial community together; attract more investors who otherwise don’t know where to look for awesome startups beyond co-working spaces; and give a chance where everyone can share their business progress and learning processes.  

As a social event, Bali Startupers will allow entrepreneurs to connect with similar minds, with entrepreneurs who are passionate, driven and smart. This becomes a great event for networking, to spark new ideas, new events and startup initiatives that serve the entrepreneurial needs, from how to find amazing talent, how to fundraise, all the way to PR and marketing.

“With a diverse mix of people living in Bali, some based here permanently and others spending a few months a year on the island, Bali Startupers offers a chance to tap into the world and build an awesome global network. We hope this also builds a great bridge connecting both local and international startups here.  [It] will be awesome to have this event as a means for building a stronger connection between cultures, as an amazing result of globalization and business.” Andrea says.

About Mailbird

Touted by Product Hunt as a sleek email client for Windows with app integration, Mailbird was co-founded by Andrea Loubier, its current CEO, in 2012. It hit its 1 Million users’ milestone in January 2016.


About Bedforest

Bedforest was founded by Omri Ben Canaan and his wife in 2013. Bedforest allows users to book a vacation rental or a hotel while at the same time contributing to Charities. It was launched in 2015.