BallStreet is a real time peer-to-peer prediction market which allows fans to day trade the win probability of the events they are watching live.

Focusing on the real time aspects of fan engagement BallStreet has created a simplified and arcade style prediction market for fans to compete against one another during any live event (NFL, MLB, PGA, Reality TV, Award Shows, etc.)

Markets trade based off of basic outcomes, i.e. who will win an NFL game? Markets will trade from "0 to 100". Winning outcomes will value at 100. Losing outcomes will value at 0. The goal of each player is to get the best P&L.

This is a game that creates the ability for fans to be a part of the story of the game and actually compete during the game itself becoming a part of it with every share they buy or sell.

BallStreet is based in New York, NY.