Bambootility Media, LLC is a global eco media, entertainment, and consulting company. Bambootility Media is a worldwide platform linking the world of bamboo through various applications such as web, mobile apps, digital magazine, online forums, live events, web/ tv shows, bamboo theme parks and resorts.   Bambootility Media provides bamboo media, marketing, bamboo farming/agritech, research & consulting in areas such as climate change, industrial design, environmental mitigation, architecture, engineering, construction, packaging, health & nutrition, cosmetics, food, pets, and more. Bambootility.com is a global showcase of bamboo’s versatility.  Bambootility.com is a unique platform for multiple bamboo products, research findings, bamboo company directory, media solutions, consulting, business to business supply chain, and e-commerce solutions.  Bambootility Shop allows world-wide access to products across the bamboo supply chain, all online.  Bambootility Media has followers in over 75 countries and Bambootility Shop brings hundreds of bamboo products to this global audience.   “Bambootility Shop originates from the requests of global consumers and corporate clients who want to buy bamboo products after visiting Bambootility.com.  Bambootility Shop showcases the highest quality bamboo products and creates a luxurious shopping experience.  Bambootility Shop gives companies and customers a one-stop location for ‘sustainable products’ in the bamboo sector,” said Founder & CEO, Ed Johnson.