BAME MODELS are the most diverse model agency in the UK - officially launched August 1st they have already booked models for CHARLOTTE TILBURY, WSTRN and NATWEST

Their name derives from the term BAME - which means British, Black, Asian and minority Ethnic.

Founder Marcus Flemmings, also their head booker, used to own the highly successful TMP Agency which catered to South Indian models where he made the careers of Mandeep Sidhu, Kubra Khan, Hamassa Kohistani (Miss England Winner). Now with his new venture it is his intention to reclaim the term BAME and turn it into a striving term for models of all colours in the UK.

Unlike many other agencies in the UK, their primary focus is bridging the gap between ethnic parity and the often secluded fashion industry.

Flemmings, who successfully brought a disorganised and non-thriving UK Asian media industry into the 21st Century, believes that now is the right time to make huge strides to make things ‘right’.

“For years all people have been doing is talking and talking and talking about BAME and how ‘we’ should be making it so that Black, East Asian and Asian models should be given a chance. However, no one has actually done anything about it. I was there at the round table meeting of the British Fashion Council in 2009. In which many top figures from the fashion industry got together to talk about how the UK fashion industry can change things. That was 7 years ago and I’ve seen not much change. In fact many of the ethnically diverse companies and individuals from that meeting no longer exist in the industry. Now, I feel, is the perfect time to stop talking about do something. Especially in light of world events. Brexit, Black lives matters, the recent Oscars whitewash, etc.”

BAME Models/Management currently represent Angel Cole (BNTM), 2 models on Models.com and Elena Fernandes (a current ambassador of Fila).

For further information contact SANHA YUSAF
Telephone: 0203 488 1605
email: sanha@bamemodels.com
web: http://www.bamemodels.com