Band of Outsiders works comfortably within four quadrants developing content for cable, international, digital, and brands - in a way that best serves our clients and the creative. The company leverages off the proliferation of platforms that is creating disruption opportunity and is altering the backend opportunities for content creators.

The company specializes in two lanes - one being a smarter take on factual series, the other grounded in music. We develop and produce content with the likes of iconic entrepreneur Steve Wozniak, beloved host Kari Byron from Mythbusters, leaders in digital media like MindBodyGreen, #1 New York Times best selling authors such as Neil Strauss, and Emmy nominated talent Dave Burris.

On the international side, Band of Outsiders already represents catalogues from RCTV, whose series Jane the Virgin is a hit for the CW, and Jarrett Creative, who has 6 shows on air including Celebrity Ghost Stories.