Barb McSweeney – Jewelry Designer
Barb resides in Sarasota, FL, with her husband and two children. Graduating from the internationally acclaimed Ringling College of Art and Design; art, fine art and graphic design have all played a crucial role in her creative development. For over 25 years, Barb was involved in advertising and marketing. She created Addy award winning marketing campaigns for both her agency and others. After successfully managing and directing her own agency for 18 years, Barb took some time off to raise her two boys. During the hiatus, she needed to continue expressing her creativity and chose jewelry as her medium. Her ‘Hobby Gone Wild’ was discovered by Saks Fifth Avenue, which immediately placed her in their store in Sarasota. She was showcased at several Florida locations and has traveled to out of state store locations as well. An exclusive line of her signature collection had been showcased in Sarasota since 2006. "It has been an amazing journey and I am ever thankful for the opportunity."

Barb’s vision is to design and create contemporary jewelry that captures both the timeless romance of the classic pearl and the joi de vivre of today’s empowered women. Using mostly Sterling Silver, gold tones and freshwater pearls, Barb captures the elegance of ‘the high society of days gone by’ in multi-dimensional expressions which she designs, and forms jewelry art that can be worn on any occasion. Barb’s jewelry can go from day to night with just a quick change of outfit! Almost all her pieces are unique / one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted by Barb.

These are definitely ‘not your Grandmother’s Pearls.’

Always looking to enhance current designs and push the limits of creativity, Barb is currently creating a line of jewelry utilizing rubber and other ‘non-typical’ materials. The response has been enthusiastic and demand is growing daily for these contemporary and provoking pieces.

Previously showcased and exclusive through Saks Fifth Avenue since 2006, Barb McSweeney's unique jewelry is now also available through the web site www.barbmcsweeney.com.

Barb’s move offers her more latitude in partnering with specialty shops and boutiques. Her classic, chic and cutting edge designs can now be seen and enjoyed through a wider spectrum of venues, with a much broader reach. Working one-on-one with individual clients creating commission pieces or designing jewelry suites for special occasions such as events and weddings, Barb welcomes the creative challenges and is available for consultation.

Outside of her retail line of innovative jewelry, you will find Barb involved assisting in fund-raising on behalf of numerous worthwhile non-profit organizations through public and private trunk shows. Barb also designs awareness bracelets for charitable and non-profit organizations (ShelterBox USA, JFCS, WRC and more) and actively reaches out to partner with new worthwhile causes.

Contact Info: Barb McSweeney         Tel: 941.350.8742

Web: www.barbmcsweeney.com