BARCELONA TOY TRAVEL  is the first and also a unique travel agency for cuddly toys and teddy bears in Spain. We offer your cuddly toy several-day sightseeing and adventure tour in Barcelona, one of the most engaging and breathtaking cities in the world.

Your cuddly friend will see the treasures of historical and modern architecture, beautiful beaches and try local Mediterranean cuisine. He/She will also have the chance to meet similarly adventurous cuddly toys from all over the world.

Your reward for purchasing this trip will be the return of your rested cuddly toy or teddy bear full of adventurous travel experiences. Do not worry that you will miss your toy more than is necessary. We will provide you with regular email communication with him/her and you will be able to follow your friend's experiences via a FACEBOOK profile created especially for him/her.

BARCELONA TOY TRAVEL business is based above all on LOVE for cuddly toys nad teddy bears.