Indian Barcode (MINDWARE ) is a complete and reliable solution provider & system integrator for Barcode  based data collection, Indian bar code printing systems and divers label printing systems.
With, the advent of global marketplace and changing business paradigm, accesses to diverse opportunities have opened, which are unprecedented in today's business world.
Competition and rapid technological developments across the world have given more stress on technology based companies to flourish in the market. One such company, who mastered the "Science of Handling of Data", through emerging markets for the past, 13 years, while comprehending the needs through knowledge base sales, and consistent in delivering cutting-edge technology is, Barcode .
Indian Barcode  provides  Barcode | RFID | EAS | CONSUMABLES | SOFTWARE Solutions to clients in India, as partners to conceptualize and realize their initiatives, to reach out their Vision. Whether it is manufacturing, Retail, Service or Export, we ensure a level of certainty of results that no one can match. Started a decade ago Barcode thrives on professionalism, business ethics and customer delight. With over 25 Associate Business Partners  across India, Barcode  stands out to be a leading company in Automatic identification and Data Capturing industry Bar code  is the authorized distributor in India  for Datamax , Zebra, Toshiba, Godex ,  TSC, Argox  printers,Symbol, Honeywell, Argox, Datalogic scanners and top manufacturers of RFID and EAS products in the world. Our manufacturing facility with sophisticated machinery  caters to customers label, ribbon and tag requirements. Our Software development team provides software solutions, and well trained Developers provides technical and maintenance support. Solutions and Services of Barcode   are used by over 4000 companies to improve their business processes, increase productivity, and strengthen security.