Bards and Sages Publishing is a boutique publisher of both print and electronic publications.  The company publishes roleplaying games and speculative fiction.  Bards and Sages caters directly to its readers, using the latest in print-on-demand technologies and digital media to publish unique niche products that would not be able to find a home with larger publishing houses.  

Bards and Sages' fiction offerings focus mostly on speculative anthologies, bringing both new and established authors together to create unique collections.  The publisher is also one of the few that actively supports the novella format in print.  Its Bards and Sages Quarterly, now in its second year, is a full color print and electronic publication that showcases new authors.  

The company's roleplaying lines focus on the 3.5/OGL game system and their own Karma Roleplaying System.  The majority of products are designed with a real-world focus that allows them to be easily folded into a variety of campaigns without effort.  Bards and Sages is one of only a handful of RPG publishers owned and operated by a woman.  

Besides its variety of published works, the company also sponsors an annual writing contest to benefit charity and supports a variety of charity initiatives throughout the year.