Quantum Artist, Malcolm Watson ~ The Barefoot Violinist

Malcolm Watson Bio:
Quantum Artist, Malcolm Watson~The Barefoot Violinist recently returned to Boulder, CO to make it his home and has not begun to slow down.  Being named a "Living Legacy" in 2009, he's partnered with the  "World Legacy Project" and is currently developing a TV Series, USA Tour and more music!
Malcolm Watson is an internationally renowned, Keynote Performer, Media Host, Writer, Composer, Dancer and Violinist. A child prodigy, concert master at the Royal Academy of Music and an innovator in music and resonance, he's performed for millions of people globally.
At 25,  Malcolm was signed by CBS- Europe.1974 and starred in British TV movie about his life entitled “Busker”, which now has bloomed in Busker Festival worldwide and opened for mega acts such as Supertramp.   Beginning in the 90's Malcolm created several unique violin-guitar duos performing all over the world. In 2001, he was featured in an educational TV series on Music and Math for Discovery Channel. He wrote and performed a presentation of music and speech for Dr. Deepak Chopra on his “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” He has also written training courses on communications and transformation, which he has delivered to both corporate and public audiences. Malcolm currently has five CD, releases: Tears of Joy; Catharsis Infinity: Holographic projections; Christmas with Watson & Edge; Subway, with concert and movie DVDs and a new album in creation.
Malcolm is available for corporate events, concerts - large, private and house, keynote performances which include speaking and select weddings.