Our goal in keeping pet families together is to keep their bond and unconditional love from slipping away.  We are committed to making things happen and finding solutions through our services, programs, and partners. No matter how challenging the circumstances.

We help those who need it most, both people and their pets. We focus our efforts on:
spay/neuter | wellness | vaccinations | assistance with vet care | pet food | pet supplies |Emotional Support Animal assessment (ESA) landlord issue assistance | fence repair | dog houses | owner redemption fees to release a pet from shelter | humane euthanasia (in severe cases)

We also offer onsite popup Pet Wellness clinics at various partnering locations to address the needs within vulnerable communities and to keep pets healthy with their families when they need each other most.

At these events, the following can be provided:

Pet food – treats, moist and dry primarily for cats and dogs but other when needed
Pet supplies – collars, leashes, harnesses
Pet comforts – blankets, beds, toys, etc.
Crates – for transporting and to keep secure in housing
Litter – boxes and scoopers
Vet care – vaccinations, flea meds, deworming, antibiotics, nail trims, ear cleaning, etc.