Barrett is a technology maverick.  In 1988 it introduced the first ever haptic human-interactive robot.  In 1998, Mako Surgical licensed its flagship WAM® robot for their surgical robot.  In 2000, the WAM was cited in the special Millennium Edition of the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s “most advanced” robot.  In 2003, Barrett’s CEO won the Engelberger Award in Technology.  In 2004, Barrett introduced its Puck® networked brushless-motor controller.  In 2010, DARPA’s ARM program singled out Barrett’s two main products, the latest WAM Arm and the BarrettHand, with a purchase of 10 systems to explore the limits of AI.  In 2013, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum launched a major exhibit highlighting two physically interactive WAM arms and BarrettHands. And, in 2015, Barrett’s WAM arm took first place among 28 teams from 9 countries at the Amazon Robot Challenge.