Barricade helps Small Business with IT Security in Denver, Colorado.

Barricade utilizes  a holistic approach to IT security that is similar to multilayered approach used by the military and other government agencies such as the NSA.  Barricade provides comprehensive IT solutions that is entirely focused on enhancing security against cyber attacks, accidental breaches, and reducing  financial and legal liability. Other benefits of the Barricade approach are more reliable systems and increased productivity.  (Prepare, Prevent, Respond)

Businesses  utilizing  personally identifiable information,  conducting financial transactions,  and/or require credit reports are at significant risk for financial and legal liability in the case of a cyber attack or an accidental data breach.

Fines and financial liabilities from a data breach can range from the thousands to millions of dollars and the damage to a business’s reputation can cost far more. Breaches can happen to any size business. In fact, small to medium sized businesses have become the prime target for cyber criminals.