Barron and McClary contractors have been serving Tulsa for 25 years, installing swimming pools, air conditioning, flooring, plumbing, concrete, electrical systems, hardwood and more. We are an EPA certified general contractor with a proven track record of success and quality. We can replace, install, or repair windows, fences, roofing, doors. We have a great relationship with several skilled architects in the Tulsa area that can help you design your dream house, pool or landscape.  Whether you need remodeling or want to build a new structure, Barron and McClary Contractors can get your job done.

We take pride in our employee retention ensuring that your work is done by experienced professional s with a strong work ethic. We have employees experienced in landscape, swimming pools, flooring, maintenance, windows, plumbing, laying concrete, fencing, roofing, electrical systems, air conditioning and just about any other type of general contractor work in Tulsa.

Your roof is a serious and important investment. Over time it can become damaged, blowing the roof off of an entire, more serious group of problems. As experienced roofing contractors we can install a new roof to keep your house or business protected.

Remodeling is a big decision over the course of owning a house. New flooring, windows, kitchen remodeling, doors, fences, air conditioning or swimming pool can help add value to your home.  

We have strong working relationships with various architects, landscape architects and designers as well, to ensure that your project is handled in the way you want it. We can also install new plumbing and electrical systems, pour concrete, install new doors and more. Please, call us today at (918)-749-7904 or visit http://www.barronandmcclary.com.