Barumba Play exists because we believe toys should do more. Toys can do more for our children by giving them a unique experience every time they play. Toys that can do more for the parents by having easy ways to be stored and cleaned. Toys that do more for the environment by lasting for many years and entertaining kids in a wide range of ages.

Our first product is an eleven piece play couch. What looks like a couch is actually comprised of 11 cushions and no frame so that the pieces can be moved around and turned in to an endless number of creations. Our play couch can be shaped in to a fort, a house, a tunnel, a car, used for movie nights, and obstacle courses and to create tea parties and restaurant booths. It provides for endless exploration and play for kids for all ages.

The Barumba Play Couch will be the toy that kids will remember as a nostalgic part of their childhood. It will be there for their first sleepover party as an extra bed, it will be there when their cousins came over to play, it will be there when they decided to put it on the stairs and make a giant slide. A house with a Barumba Play couch is a house with laughter.