It all started with computer era, during the early days of computer people were amazed by the things it did, as days passed a room size computer reduced to a portable device. Now currently we are in the era of smart devices. With thousands of smartphones and tablets around, technology has made our life easy. It all began in 2007 with apple’s first iPhone which gave a smart technology another answer. With success of its first iPhone apple is getting better day by day with their smart gadgets. People are going crazy for apple devices, even there are cases people waiting in the queues for days, just to grab one.

Latest addition to this list is apple watch; it has been a talk of town from the day it was announced.  It has been a habit for a common man of looking at his watch now and then to check the time. But in recent times mobile had replaced the watch. Now apple is trying to bring watch era by its smart watch.
Well the biggest curiosity moving around is what does this watch exactly do, what features does it have. Since apple being a largest brand in the world the curiosity has gone thousand times high.

Now let’s go through its features, design and hardware. Coming to its feature it’s not just a watch to see time but something beyond it. With Apple watch you can receive call, messages; it can even track the fitness metrics. It can also be used to control Apple TV, also used as walkie-talkie, you can never be lost since watch even provides maps to navigate and one of the important feature is it supports many third party apps.

In design wise it has three collections featuring two case sizes (38 mm and 42 mm high) spread across 34 individual models. It has a pressure sensitive screen which can distinguish between tap and press. It also has a button for displaying list of contacts. Watch can be charged using MagSafe cable.
Looking at its hardware it uses Apple’s new Apple S1 processor. It has in-built heart rate sensor, which uses both infrared and visible light LEDs and photo diodes. Important highlight of the watch is water resistant and has a memory of 8 GB storage.

So the long wait is over Apple watch is available in the stores from 24th April and preorders are taken from 10th April. Enjoy having one.