Bashir Mraish began his career in customer service for some of the most respected companies in Jordan. Working from the ground he cultivated his ability to effectively develop successful public relations and communications strategies. Since earning his Master’s in Public Affairs Communications in Paris, Bashir has managed one of the most successful agencies in the Levant, expanding it from a small agency to one of the largest PR & Communications offices.

    Offering specialization and knowledge in Iraqi markets and global organizations in the Levant, Bashir has spent the past six years successfully representing clients from key industries including Respected Public Figures (Prince Turki Bin Nasser, Prince Hmad Al Saeed), Telecommunications (Asiacell-Iraq, Itisaluna – Iraq, NOKIA- Iraq, Umniah, Batelco Jordan), Real Estate (Emaar International - Jordan, Orion Holdings Overseas), Food & Beverages (Coca-Cola/Jordan), Electronics (LG Electronics/Jordan), Finance (Cairo Amman Bank), and Government (The Japanese Embassy), among others.              

    Bashir has built his career on innovative thinking and a continued pursuit for knowledge by obtaining certifications and trainings to expand his expertise to include general management, operations management, marketing management, quality and process management, human resources management, finance, accounting, information technology, corporate control and international business.