Bass Angler Magazine (BAM) is a content driven print publication covering the world of bass fishing.

BASS ANGLER  has a different theme, we're more like a book written by bass anglers designed with one thing in mind, to help you catch more fish. “I don’t care what level, what age or where you live this is one bass magazine that will help you catch more fish”.
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We boast the lowest ad percentage and the highest article content of any fishing magazine. “Each issue has over 30 bass fishing articles” These articles are designed to: help you catch more fish, become a better angler, fish better in tournaments, learn how to catch bass in ways you haven’t though of, how to take your kids fishing, learn about various pro anglers, how to market yourself to sponsors, scientific facts about bass, new and old techniques, season patterns and a host of how-to articles.

Mark Lassagne professional angler and guide is the brainchild of BASS ANGLER Magazine. Over the last 20 years, ‘the fishing magazine’ has been refined from a small bass tournament calendar, into the real bass fishing magazine you see today. Published 4 times a year, ‘BASS ANGLER has become the fastest growing and most relied upon fishing publication by bass anglers all over the nation.

Each issue is packed with invaluable fishing information not found anywhere else. The majority bass fishing methods flow from Japan to the West Coast then eastward. Being based on the West Coast, BASS ANGLER Magazine has the unique opportunity to share many of these new and innovative techniques with the rest of the country.

BASS ANGLER takes a grass roots approach to journalism with most all articles written “First Hand” by experienced bass anglers across the country. This type of journalism gives the reader what no other magazine offers, great fishing information straight from the angler. Many of our writer / anglers are people you may never see in any other publication giving you information never seen before.

BASS ANGLER Magazine is displayed in well over 4000 retail outlets across the US, over 500 outlets in Canada and a few in Japan