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Heat is the source of life; without it the world would be cold and lifeless. Among many sources to get heat the high-quality designed heating products are also another which usually include electric radiators and electric towel rails.

Manufactured from the finest materials like steel, aluminium and stainless steel these heating products tend to be highly functional and long-lasting. Banyo offer these heating products at the best lowest prices, belonging to the best radiator designing brands like Zehnder, Bisque, Carisa and Reina these heating products offer high efficiency and functionality.

Traditional Radiators

The traditional radiators with their fine Victorian style are the perfect choice if you want to introduce classic looks to your home or bathroom interiors. Most of the traditional radiators are used with a direct connection to central heating systems but some are designed to be operated with dual heating systems or electric only. Offered in a variety of wall-mounted or floor standing installation these traditional towel rails with the chrome frame and white columns give a perfect traditional to your bathroom interiors. The traditional radiators offered by Banyo are easily accessible at highly reasonable and excellent prices and the plus point is that these white towel raditors belong to the top leading radiator designers such as Reina, Hudson Reed, Zehnder and Phoenix.

Horizontal Designer Radiators

These days with the utilization of latest technologies the heating industries have introduced a never ending versatility in the designer radiators and the horizontal designer radiators happen to be one of the most popular styles. These bathroom radiators are offered in a variety of designs, sizes, finishes and colours while manufactured from high-quality materials like aluminium, stainless steel and chrome.

These long-lasting aluminium radiators, stainless steel radiators and chrome radiators also offer variety of fuel sources as some of them are central heating radiators, some are oil filled radiators and some run on electricity. Though available in different colours but the popular ones are white radiators and black radiators, the anthracite finish of these radiators is also well-liked. With a high heat output these horizontal radiators are offered by Banyo at the best lowest prices while belonging to the best radiator designers like Zehnder, Carisa, Reina and Bisque.

Electric Radiators

For many years the people believed in the long-held idea that the electricity is a costly fuel source than the gas or any other fossil fuel in radiators. No doubt that the gas is a cheaper fuel source than the electricity, but the installation of the electric radiators comes with many great benefits that outweigh the slightly higher costs of the electricity fuel.

The installation of the electric radiators is highly cost effective as they tend to be 100% heat efficient and also very eco-friendly saving long-term running costs. Moreover, these electric radiators are offered in different designs and colour choices with the use of high-quality manufacturing materials as they come in vertical and horizontal styles and manufactured from aluminium and stainless steel and the popular finishes are white and chrome. These aluminium electric radiators and stainless steel electric radiators are well liked and getting famous day by day. Banyo offers a wide range of high-quality electric bathroom radiators at the best prices and all the available electric radiators belong to the most eminent radiator designing brands like Bisque, Zehnder, Carisa and Reina.