Baxter Bailey & Associates is exclusive to only one industry-- transportation. Whereas others claim to specialize, the cold, hard truth is they do not. They may have one or two collectors who may partake in transportation collections from time to time, but the core of the business is not centered on transportation. They will claim to specialize in any industry if it brings in more sales.

However, Baxter Bailey & Associates does not claim to specialize in transportation. We claim to be exclusive to the industry, and because of our exclusivity, Baxter Bailey & Associates is the most successful agency in terms of dollars collected in the transportation industry …period!

Here is how we live up to our bold claims:

  1. We are the only collection firm that consistently files suit against shippers whereas the intermediary (Broker) is out of business and has not paid the actual delivering carrier. Others claim to provide this service, but to date we have found no evidence that they actually follow through.

  2. We do not have collectors; all of our collection staff are fully trained, licensed Corporate Investigators who perform the following investigation on each account placed with our office.

         * Pre-Collection/Trial Successor Business Location / Imposing Successor Liability

         * Pre-Collection/Trial Asset Tracing

         * Pre-Collection/Trial Corporation Status at the time of our client's service

         * Pre-Collection/Trial Cargo Claims Investigation (if required)

         * Pre-Collection/Trial Dispute Investigation (if required)

We are in this together. We get paid when you do, not before not after. We perform all collection services on a contingency basis. So, if we are not successful you do not owe us a dime.