bayantech is a leading language service provider. Since 2004, we have been providing ISO-certified, smart, and effective translation and localization solutions to major global businesses and organizations, helping our clients smoothly cross the frontiers of language and culture, communicate effectively worldwide, and expand their markets.

We offer our language services in 266 different languages including all Middle-Eastern and African languages, in addition to the major Asian and European languages. Equipped with experience and expertise, we provide our high-quality and affordable services across a wide array of industries and fields.

With a goal-oriented approach, streamlined processes, and cutting-edge translation and localization tools, we’ve stepped up to the challenges of language and cultural diversity, proving our commitment to excellence and exceeding our clients’ expectations. We are equipped to innovate and shape our support, making sure that our clients receive the best service possible, where their needs and objectives are suitably and smoothly fulfilled.

Our Services:
Life Sciences Translation
Technical Translation
Language Quality Services
Video Game Localization
Website Localization
IT/Software Localization
Multimedia Localization
Multilingual Desktop Publishing
ePublishing Conversion
eLearning Conversion & Localization
MTPE (Machine Translation Post-Editing)