Bay of the Holy Spirit ® Pontoon Boat
To be used for ministering on the Bay of the Holy Spirit.

This will provide a point of contact to explain the purpose of the Restoration of Man back to God. Honoring the name “Bay of the Holy Spirit”. A very unique opportunity to “preach the gospel”to people in their back yards. Providing the Word and the Holy Spirits’ presence. We offer  the agape love of Christ to the people. This encourages and supports God’s purpose for His creation.

More people will be made aware of the Good News. There will be opportunities to have meetings at the Bay of the Holy Spirit sign . Messages presented from the shallow draft pontoon boat. This will lead to greater meetings and then into the “Last Revival”.

There is a hidden , covered berth, awaiting this boat for many years.

The cost of the pontoon boat, maintenance, insurance, and fuel is being reviewed in anticipation of the acquisition.

If someone has such a pontoon boat to be used for ministry, let me know.

A fund is established. Any boat donation will be used to support this ministry.

The two flags on the fan tail will be American and Israel

Your support will be used to bring forth the good news to the Bay of the Holy Spirit area.

Your financial support and spiritual intervention will be a blessing. If you want to make a donation, use the paypal link listed here. We appreciate your donation. Can also use the Donate Button on the web site


Contact Jerry J. Tomecek, Overseer

Bay of the Holy Spirit
Jerry Tomecek Overseer
8582 County Road #34
Fairhope, AL. 36532
e-mail bohs@bellsouth.net
e-mail jerrytomecek2012@att.net