Bayrock Services Ltd is the foremost emerging commodity trade finance agency. There are a number of ways of looking at Bayrock Services Ltd. It is an agency for trade financing. We associated with several financial institutions in Europe, Asia and United States Of America to offer services that consist mainly of Trade Finance. and financial SWIFT messaging.

Bayrock Services Ltd solutions involve the use of our letter of credit and guarantee facilities with numerous institutions. Our clients are importers and trading companies looking to expand their business by leveraging their existing cash flow to its maximum.

Our BG, SBLC and documentary credits are sent out through Swift, with an international network of more than 900 serious financial organizations, securities, institutions and corporate customers in 22 countries.
We provide trade finance consultancy to importers, exporters and trading companies, especially those who are looking to expand their business. We provide advice on structured trade finance, including initial deal structure, as well as introduction to suitable financiers and investors.

• Often wonder who to turn to when looking for reliable trade financier and partners for trading with China, Russia, Ukraine, India, Brazil, Bangladesh?
• Uncertain if political risk insurance might fit better than non-recourse discounting or simple letters of credit?

Bayrock Services Ltd is your first and most reliable trade finance agency to help you cross those business barriers. We help traders acquire the right payment instruments to help them trade in peace of mind.

                                     Our Mission

Underserved by traditional financial institutions, many organizations are struggling to gain access to the products and services they need in order to stay risk free and profitable in an ever expanding global market-place. Why Put simply, small and medium size organizations are not as profitable to Banks as larger corporates, so personal service, tailored products and competitive rates are beyond their reach. Banks often sideline these smaller organizations onto online platforms to increase their own efficiencies and profits.

Whatever size your organization is, gaining access to the right financial products, is paramount to your success. Which is why we want to become the financial services provider of choice for small and medium size companies operating in the global marketplace. Our goal is to extend our multiple product to clients around the world, offering knowledge, security, consultation and care, as we maximize opportunities and mitigate risk for all our customers.

Our mission is to combine sector knowledge with technological innovation to help clients grow, trade and transact globally and manage their risk. We empower small and medium size companies, enabling them to realize their global ambitions successfully and securely.