Barry Midgorden, the owner/operator of Bazz Graphics has been in the business for 29 years. His degree in art enhances his eye for design. In addition to illustrating *Scottosaurus The Little Dinosaur,* he also produces greeting cards, calendars, newsletters, and video presentations among other design projects. Graphics is only one side of his business. Barry is also a potter and teacher. He teaches, pottery, drawing, digital imaging and other computer related classes.

Lucinda Sage-Midgorden the author of *Scottosaurus* is also a teacher. She teaches Acting, Introduction to Theatre and Communications at Cochise College. She and Barry are working on two other books that they hope to publish later this year. The first is Lucinda's memoir, *Inner Life of a Late Bloomer Baby Boomer.* The other is the first sequel to *Scottosaurus.*