bbi Inflatable Display Systems is a division of Billboard Boats ™ Incorporated. We operate as a privately held U.S.A. Corporation with our home offices located in Malibu, California.bbi was formed in 2002 with the idea to design, develop and build a portable airtight billboard capable of performing reliably on both land and sea.

During the product’s 12 years of operations and innovations, our USA Patented #7,240,445 and Global Patent pending portable airtight inflatable billboard has evolved into an extremely efficient, effective and reliable design. bbi remains the sole worldwide master distributor of these unique high quality portable inflatables. Our products value is clearly reflected by the diverse applications our global bbi associates and their advertisers have created. We provide the tool; you provide the location and innovation to fit your markets needs. As a team, we will exceed every expectation as we all profit.

bbi has experienced massive global growth over the past 12 years. bbi offers clients and associates the proven ability to advertise in virtually any location worldwide, on land or water, for any type of event, for virtually any duration. This along with our ever growing bbi global associate network has provided many companies the ability to create global campaigns quickly and cost effectively.

As advertisers around the world continue to seek new, more effective ways to reach target audiences, alternative media such as ours continues to be the fastest growing segment of the outdoor advertising market. Despite bbi’s massive global growth, each client and bbi associate continues to receive our hands-on personal service that has made us who we are today, The #1 Airtight Inflatable Billboard System in the World.