Blue Bells Model School, one of the pioneer institutions of Gurgaon, has been serving the region for more than 39 years.

We are known for our innovation since its inception.  We keep incorporating the latest methodologies to stay at pace with the age of transformation. It is committed to its mission, vision, and values down to the word.

The school has been re-accredited with INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL AWARD 2018-21 by British Council for observing Global Standard in Education. We are gliding smoothly in tune with the ever-dynamic nature of education.

The progressive environment at Blue Bells Model School is an amalgamation of academics, Artificial Intelligence, theatre, art, debating, discussions, seminars, MUN conference, Robotics, clubs and workshops, all being intelligently designed, promoted and woven well in school calendar. Indoor athletics, yoga, aerobics, music, dancing, picnics, and excursions have an important place in the term wise planned school calendar. These myriad of activities are possible because it is the “love for learning” that drives each endeavor that a Blue Bellian sets upon.

To develop academic excellence the school offers a wide syllabus with careful planning and guidance to enable the students’ independent thinking and self-expression. This is reflected in class XII & X results that we manage every year in the CBSE Board Examinations year after year.