The Bangladesh Catering Association Scotland
For many years, we have supported the Bangladeshi catering community, with advice and guidance relevant to their needs. We have the experience and expertise to keep you up to date with current legislation and issues affecting the catering community.

Our membership delivers exclusive advice, surgeries and conferences to discuss and advise on issues which affect the catering business within Scotland. Your ideas and thoughts will be processed through our committee giving you a chance to have your voice heard.
Frequent updates on issues affecting the catering industry. Competitive rates for restaurant insurances with firms working in this sector also:

   FREE Utilities Brokers advice to save you money on your energy and phone bills
   Discounts on product and services from major suppliers using our membership discount
   Advice on lower credit and debit card transaction fees
   Free Health and Hygiene Training

Summary of Benefits to Membership

   Free Training
   Saving you Money
   Advice and Support
   Keeping you Informed
   Providing Free Management Paper Work
The Bangladesh Catering Association Scotland
We have been serving the wider Bangladeshi community for many years now. You do not have to be a business owner to enjoy the many benefits and facilities we have to offer.

If you work or are interested in the Bangladeshi Catering community please feel free to join us either as an individual or a business member.

In addition to the sevices listed elsewhere on this site as a member the facilities you will enjoy in our club house and office include:

   Use of a Pool Table
   Carrom Board Table
   On–line Educational Facilities
   On–line Games
   Tea coffee and snacks will be available for purchase