Following his discovery of “The Secret Design” Billy came fascinated with the controversial subject of metaphysical and Paranormal science. Billy has studied these subjects in great detail at the University Of Metaphysics and The University of Sedona which are theological school operated by International Metaphysical Ministry, Shortly after B.C. Christian graduated from The University Of Metaphysics and The University of Sedona with B. MSc, M. MSc, Mpsy. D, as well as Ph.D.

   While carrying out research in relation to this controversial subject matter Billy has written a number of books these include his flagship titles The Secret Design. Despite only being available in PDF format these publications have helped numerous individuals to achieve their deepest aspirations, dreams, goals and desires using the secret design.

   Billy is living proof that you are a 'magician' - you have the ability to manifest anything you want into your life. It is like alchemy - making something out of nothing.