As an independent corporation, Berkeley Capital Finance are able to provide a level of service which is both accommodating and purposeful – tailor made to your specific requirements and not influenced by the need to offer typical products. We customise our services to match our customers, not the other way around, and we aspire to cling on to the conventional principles on which the firm was built.
Berkeley Capital Finance is designed to assist the individual achieve their goals of financial sovereignty through trading and investing in the equities market. This is done by simplifying the monetary markets, frequent teachings, live trading meetings and mentorship. The courses are run by dynamic successful private investors with understanding and expertise attained largely down to learning from costly mistakes, which we hope to prevent others making the same errors.
We realise that no two people are the same. Each customer has their own investment desires and needs and we strive to provide a tailored service suited to your individual needs, a service which is adaptable, objective and unique to you at the beginning we will agree an investment policy with you. Subsequently, all managed portfolios are kept under maintenance which is vital in today's rapidly changing markets. Ongoing investment in Telecommunications and I.T enables us to access a wide array of UK and International analysis from some of the most reputable sources in the UK and overseas, and allows us to bestow the high level of service our clients expect.