Spread across 42 countries, the BPO Certification Institute, Inc., (BCI) is the world’s largest BPO certifications and standards body. It certifies professionals working in the BPO industry and those who want to enter it. It also certifies BPO enterprises on service delivery and talent management excellence.

BCI works with governments in areas related to BPO excellence and its standards and certifications are setting up competitiveness benchmarks for nations. More than 50000 BPO professionals and hundreds of BPO companies have been beneficiaries of international certification programs. All BCI certification programs have been subjected to extremely stringent internal credentialing process and are based on state-of-the-art set of Standards -the BCI Master Standards Group. This group currently includes the Human Competence Master (HCMS21®) Standards; the Service Delivery Master Standards (SDMS22®); the Talent Management Master Standards (TMMS10®) developed after years of exhaustive research on the phenomenon, trends and challenges of global outsourcing.

On the enterprise side, BCI offers the BTMQ® (BPO Talent Management Quality) and the BSDQ® (BPO Service Delivery Quality) Enterprise Certifications. BTMQ® Certification proves the competence of a BPO outfit's Talent Management systems whereas BSDQ® Certification is the Delivery Capability Certification as relevant for most possible forms of BPO services organizations. Backed by the most comprehensive Human Competence Standards, the HCMS21, BCI offers a dozen Certification programs for all six levels of BPO operatives and professionals.