Introducing BCM - Who we are and what we do?

Manufacturing Industrial Motherboards and Systems Since 1990
BCM Advanced Research is a global supplier of industrial motherboards and systems for the industrial, OEM/ODM and embedded PC industries. Established in 1990, BCM Advanced Research has grown rapidly in the industrial computer motherboard industry, transforming itself from a high-volume manufacturer for many of the top brand name personal computer companies of the 1990s to a recognized value leader for companies looking to reduce costs yet maintain product stability in their PC based/controlled products. This niche has made us the choice vendor for many of the volume-oriented manufacturers that integrate PC assemblies into their equipment where unique form-factor, 24/7/365 operation, harsh operating environments, and 5-7 year plus product lifecycles are required.

Our commitment and success in this industry can be found in many of the everyday products you encounter including digital signage, airport security & x-ray systems, VOD systems, arcade games, self-service Kiosks, CCD security systems, POS machines, digital copiers, automated lottery terminals, slot machines, complex medical equipment, automation and diagnostic machines, and just about any other PC based equipment that is not a personal computer. Many of our customers are fortune 500 companies.

How BCM Can Service Your Company:
We are one of the top industrial motherboard manufacturers.  Our focus is providing value-oriented computing platforms with extended lifecycles that appeal to volume driven OEMs.  We are OEM-centric meaning custom board designs are one of our specialties and we are exceptional at it.  Combined with our industrial system integration capabilities we offer our customers a turn-key stable computing platform they can build their business around. Our core capabilities include:  

Turn-key custom design and manufacturing services for Industrial Motherboards or Barebones/Systems where:
*  The customer defines the specification
*  The customer maintains ownership of the design
*  The project is managed by a local BCM PM team based in Irvine, California
*  BCM ensures the design can achieve a minimum 5-7 year lifecycle prior to last-time-buys.

Both our Industrial Motherboards and Industrial Barebones/Systems:
*  Have lifecycles up to 7 years or more
*  Are designed for 24-hour operation - 365 days per year
*  Can be customized specific to meet specific customer requirements
*  Utilize a veteran  US based project management team in Irvine, CA
*  Are manufactured in our own off-shore factory for competitive pricing
*  Have Holistic BOM & Revision Control

Vertical Market Focus:

Gaming Industry
Applications: Slot Machines; Casino Management Systems; VLT Lottery Machine; Bingo; Arcade; Amusement; Player Tracking Systems; Hand-held Devices; Jackpot Display Systems

Features: Longevity & Revision Control, Custom Design & Custom BIOS, Highend Multimedia, Advanced Data Protection / Failure Recovery, Robust I/O & Onboard Features.

Retailing Industry
Applications: Self-serve Kiosk including Retail Point of Sales (POS) System; Hotel Self-Serve Check in/Checkout Kiosk; Information Kiosk; Airport, Train station and Subway e-Ticketing Kiosk; Self-Serve DVD Rental Kiosk; Multimedia preview Kiosk; Parking Machine; e-Ticketing Kiosk; ATM Terminal; Multimedia Vending Machine; Coin Exchange Machine; Photo Kiosk; Supermarket Self-checkout Kiosk

Features: Modular design to increase system flexibility, Touch Screen, Mobility and Wireless capability, Monitor sizes from 7 to 22 inch, Fulfills the demands of exceptional video performance by providing dual display, digital/TTL, DVI functions, Custom peripheral & accessory design, Customized credit card transaction terminal & data verification, FCC, CE, UL and other certifications.

Panel PC / Open Frame Customization
Applications: Point-of-Sale (POS); Digital Signage; Information Kiosk; Self-serve Kiosks/Self-Checkout Kiosk/ Self-Ticketing Kiosk for supermarkets and airports, ATM Terminals, Movie Rental Kiosk, Coin-Exchange Kiosk...

Features: Scalable Performance, Choose from 7 to 22 inches Panel Sizes, Touch Screen, WiFi Access Compatible, User Friendly Easy Access Interface, Maximize I/O including Dual Display, Dual Gigabit LAN, COM and USB ports, Optional Storage: 1 x CD/DVD-ROM Bay (optional), 75x75 mm or 100x100 mm VESA Mountable.

Industrial Industry
Applications: Test and Measurement; Industrial Control; Industrial Automation; Airport X-Ray Scan Terminal

Features: Customized Form Factors & Performances, Designed for 24/7 Operation, Various Expansions

Special Application

Applications: Voting Machine; Ruggadized Devices; VOIP; Set-Top-Box; Security Surveillance; Smart Home Solutions; GPS System; Transportation monitoring and tracking system Custom Design for industrial motherboards and systems